The humans of the current age are those peoples who were descendents of humans living on the outskirts of society in the previous age before the Great War. They are descended from tribal groups and other barbarians, nomads and various remote societies. In the total destruction which followed the War, many of these humans were killed and only a small portion survived to the current age. They eventually all banded together for survival, and after hundreds of years living in this way their collective tribal, nomadic, and civilized knowledge congealed into the system of general human thought that has prevailed to the current age.

This system of thought includes worship of the natural forces, observation of astronomical events and other omens of nature, as well as the art of alchemy, arcana and other scientific disciplines. The current humans are the race that is known to be the most concerned with gathering and recording knowledge about the natural world, as well as other aspects such as magic and extra-planar matters. The only race that is considered to be more knowledgeable in general are the eladrin, however they are much rarer than humans and therefore do not remind of it often.

Humans are currently about as common as dwarves and dragonborn, perhaps a few less overall. They are the most adapted race in the current age and can be found in any walk of life, all across the land, although many are still simply common folk. Those wishing to acquire adventuring professions will often attempt journeys to the home city, Obinius, in order to study at the University or utilize the Library of Modern Knowledge. Unfortunately very few people actually succeed in this, as traveling in the harsh wilderness of Mavora almost always prevents them from reaching their destination.

Amongst the other races, humans are typically regarded as being very naive and shortsighted overall due to their relatively young culture. They are seen by tieflings as the descendents of peasants and other uncivilized, barbaric peoples – regardless of their current knowledge.


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