During the Great War and its following cataclysmic darkness, the dragons of Oltir fled to other realms and planes of existence. They remained there until the time came when they were able to return and freely assert their dominion, some 50 years after the Great War had ended and the land masses had finally settled. In the following age there was a war between the dragons, as the chromatics sought to dominate the world and the metallics sought to prevent them from doing so. To this end, the metallic dragons spawned a race of champions that could march with the other surviving humanoids in an effort to unite the forces of good against the chromatic dragons. These champions were the dragonborn.

The dragonborn were brought forth from a dragon egg that had been transported to a temple deep in the realm of Celestia, home of Bahamut. This egg was transmuted into a cosmic gate from which an endless legion born of Bahamut’s holy might could flow upon the world and enact his wrathful vengeance upon the chromatic dragons. Many other metallic dragons also visit the temple during their ‘pilgrimage of duty’, to reinforce the life-stream of this Cosmic Egg Gate.

It is this same duty which drives the dragonborn. They were conceived as a specialized weapon to aid in the destruction of the chromatic dragons, and to this end they remain dedicated champions of this cause. All dragonborn have been gifted with the freedom to align themselves in any way they wish and forge their own moral destiny, however even the most evil dragonborn will still hate chromatic dragons with an undying passion. They will never lose this hatred; as it is the cause for their very existence.

Amongst the common peoples, the dragonborn are regarded with respect as the instruments of dragon justice that they are. They are a formidable population found all over the lands, in towns, in the wilderness, and on the move.


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