The Spires of Oltir

Chronicles of the New Age
as recorded by the Celestial Oracle

Initiations of Discovery

The group of four set out upon yet another mission to retrieve an artifact for their regular employer. They embarked to an island of gnoll debauchery, long since vacated. Their contact also served as the island’s boat-keeper. He was an aged gnoll shaman that had gone insane and given up the ways of evil in favor of other pursuits. After many trials and dangerous encounters, the group located the chamber which held the magical gem they had been sent to retrieve. However the key to the chamber was possessed by the boat-keeper, and the party was unable to convince him to give it up. After a failed attempt to steal the key, tempers flared and consequently the boat-keeper was murdered. The group was then able to retrieve the key and open the chamber. They found the magical gem inside a small wooden box that also contained a ritual book written in an ancient form of the common tongue. The wizard and warlock began deciphering its mysteries, and were consumed by this endeavor for many days after.


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